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Hi Barb. It has been a while since I have been able to check the forum. My Dad is now in an apartment by himself in the assisted living facility. He has improved enough for the facility staff to feel comfortable for him to have his own apartment and some new independence.

He has been on aricept for about 2 months. He is doing so good that I'm really doubting my decision for putting him in the facility. But I would say the very fact that he loves his apartment, the dining area, the social activities, the staff and so on is probably a clue that YES my family is doing the right thing by placing in the facility.

I know he probably would prefer to be at home but maybe he realizes that he really needs people to watch after him. I guess one day I will accept that I am doing the right thing but right now it is a constant struggle.

He seems to be doing very well with his memory and not getting confused. He does seem to have a normal day and then a slow day. It is hard to explain. Some days he almost seems sharper than I am and then at times kind of manic. Is this the medicine and the controlled safe environment working?

I guess what I would like to know how does the aricept as far as how long will it help? I have read that once it "kicks in" and if it has a positive effect it can place the person back about 9 months previously and it could give that person a good 6 - 12 months. I'm not sure if I am explaining it even anywhere near to what the correct explanation is.

Can you shed some light on how it can help and possibly how long it could help until the dementia eventually out runs the medication? I just almost feel like this recent incredible positive change is the medication. Could there be any truth to this?

Thank you as always..

Posted on 2008/8/10 21:26

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