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HI Robin - Thank you for your kind words - I do appreciate it:)

I think that one of the hardest issues that caregivers struggle with relates to feelings of "Am I doing the right thing?" I personally think that if a caregiver is concerned about this issue, it means that they care so much about their loved one that in all probability ARE doing the right thing!!! Anyway, please know that almost all caregivers who care, struggle with these concerns - and, when a loved one has dementia it only makes these concerns greater, because you are having to make decisions for the other person!

Hope that the last few weeks have been okay for you and your family . . . remember to take time out for yourself, Robin, when you can!!!!! You can't give to others what you don't have because you're running on empty - you would do at least as much for your car!!!

Posted on 2008/7/25 9:00

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