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Hi Barb. It has been almost a month since I last posted. My Dad is the 64 year old with dementia and my Mom has ovarian cancer. I have a question about the stages of dementia. Also, the poster that made the joke about Assisted Living Facility and ALF TV show. ANYWAY....

Since Dad is settling into the ALF and he seems to be "clearer" in the past month or so than he has been in a long time. He is now on Zoloft and Aricept.

He has his daily routine. I'm told that he takes his shower, eats his breakfast, socializes with other residents and staff members, reads the newspaper, listens to CDs on his personal CD player and enjoys going out to the many activities the ALF offers.

So... that is all wonderful but of course, now I am doubting my decision to put him in ALF and maybe he really doesn't have Dementia. But I do feel this is because he is in a control environment and doesn't have major stresses on him like he did before.

Do you see other family members going through doubts like I am? I mean, I really want my Dad to enjoy his life and be safe but I guess it is so hard to really understand dementia. I guess I'm like many people and thought he would just be totally out of control and not be able to still function for himself for a while.

I guess I'm just waiting (not wanting but waiting) for the next stage to happen . Do some people with dementia continue to read the newspaper and so on? I know that is probably sounding disrespectful but I truly do not mean it to be. I'm just trying to understand the illness my Dad has and hoping that I am making the right decision.

Any Thoughts?

Posted on 2008/7/7 18:23

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