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From: Rowlett
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Hi Robin - I just read your message and had to write quickly to say how very happy I was to hear about your mother's progress - that is just wonderful - I'll keep her in thought and prayer that she continues to heal throughout the coming months, years . . . she seems to be a very stong, resilient woman with a positive spirit too!!

And you are so right - dementia knows no boundaries! We see patients in our Alzheimer's clinic every day who are diagnosed with AD as well as other dementias from every walk of life. It's just that those who have more education sometimes seem to cover for their memory deficits better from the beginning - which unfortunately makes it harder for the patient and family to actually realize there is a problem and come in for a diagnosis. Nevertheless, I do hope that your Dad continues to adjust and makes a friend or two in the process!

Okay - talk with you later and remember to take time for yourself in the process:)

Posted on 2008/6/19 11:15

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