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Hey Barb. I just read your reply. Thank you. Your thoughts and knowledge is helping keep me focus. I know I'm probably on the wrong forum string but I found it accidently (well, it probably wasn't an accident) but I'm glad I did find this forum. I'll try to jump over to a more appropriate topic but ANYWAY...

My Dad seems to be dealing with it better darn good considering all that my family is dealing with. My Mom gets results from the ovarian cancer tests this coming Friday. So far she is making a remarkable recovery. They can do so much these days. We are hoping that her CA125 levels are at 25 on this Friday. They have come down from 8000 (I know..unreal high) this was before the 7 hours debulking surgery and 8 chemo treatments to her most recent tests revealing CA125 of 54. She is a strong woman and keeps a smile on her face all the time even through this ordeal with my Dad's Dementia.

Dad is very smart and still is. His new roommate is very smart also but is still dealing with dementia also. One of the other resident is a recently retired college professor from one of the elite colleges in this country. Dementia truly doesn't care whom you are that is for sure.

This is truly a day by day journey. I'm looking forward to more talks. Is looks like you are helping alot of people through this forum. God Bless You. Because there are so many people dealing with this.

I"m sure we will talk again.

Exhausted aka Robin... Maybe Soon I can drop the Exhausted part.

Posted on 2008/6/15 18:48

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