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Hi Robin!
That is great that your father's doctor took the time to talk with your Dad and explain to him about why he is staying at the ALF ( I liked the show too:) Ahhhh, the good old days of simple, good fun programs:). I give that doctor a lot of credit for talking with him. And I do think that people can "hear" things better when it comes from a doctor rather than family - especially true for some folks.

Your Dad will probably still have times when he wants to go home or will ask again why he still needs to stay at the facility but this is normal. Dementia can affect not only memory but judgment and insight into one's own behavior - rational thinking sometimes just won't work. So, try not to be too disappointed if your Dad still has days when he's not too accepting and is pretty irrational about the whole thing.

In the meantime, just take it one day at a time when you prepare yourself for a visit with him and if he's having a good day - that's great. If he's having a rough day where he's agitated or grumpy or nothing you say seems right for him - on those days, make your visit shorter. When your Dad is more tired or not feeling well, he may be more difficult to talk to . . . you can visit longer next time.

I don't know if any of this really helps, Robin, but just know that you aren't alone with your struggles in that caring for parents and all that that means can be so very hard and stressful and most adult children who are caregivers have felt stressed and exhausted and - well, you know! Please keep in touch - we're pulling for you Robin!!!!

Posted on 2008/6/14 9:40

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