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Hey Barb or really anyone out there that has dealt with the step of telling your love one what is going on. I was wondering if you have any advice on a particular subject. My family I think reached a milestone today. My Dad was told by his primary doctor exactly what is going on and that he needs to stay at the Assisted Living Facility in the Dementia section. Dr. Doctor was very kind yet professional in his delivery. Honestly, if this would have come from me or another family member my Dad would not have accepted it.

Dad seemed to take it pretty well. Again, my Dad is on 64 and is still very sharp at times. But it was almost as if he was glad to understand why he is having problems. I know he may have a hard time at times accepting this but at least a doctor told him that he has to stay at the ALF. (Ha, Ha, that spells ALF...anyone out there remember that silly TV show? I actually like ALF) .. Anyway, maybe just maybe the timing was right for my Dad to hear this news and accept it and make the best of it. Can anyone relate to this and provide advice.

Thanks. Exhausted aka Robin

Posted on 2008/6/12 18:09

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