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Thank you for your thoughts. It is always good to hear from others that have gone and/or going through similar things. My Dad just got a new roommate at the Assisted Living Facility. Get this, his roommate is a 54 year old man that also has vascular dementia. I am hoping that they will become good friends and help each other through this.

This may sound terrible but I have deliberately been staying away some and not calling him that often. I think my Dad will be able to adjust better if I'm not always around. It is kind of like the concept when your child goes off to college. They need to fly away from the nest. I know that sounds crazy but that just seems to be the right thing to do. And I work full-time and have a four year old to take care of. I can barely keep up with my own family.

I haven't told my Dad that he has vascular dementia because I just don't think he will totally get the entire concept. Maybe I'm going about all of this wrong but I am just trying to pray and let God guide me.

Oh..this is so hard and scary.

Posted on 2008/6/11 20:57

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