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Dear Exhausted,
Just read your message and I can only guess how hard this time must be for you and your family . . . I do understand about your concerns about your Dad settling in and about feeling that being in the assisted living facility is "taking life away from him." He probably is adjusting more now to living there, although he may still have days when he just wants to go home. This is a big change for him and it may take time to adjust. However, once he becomes more familiar with the staff and the routine, you may be surprised at how well he does adjust! He may even make a few friends there:)
Also, because you're a daughter who cares about doing the right thing, you worry about if this move for him IS the right thing. You are not alone with this struggle- caregivers oftentimes worry and feel guilty about decisions made in the best interest of their loved one. When my dad had a stroke and he came to live with me and my family for a while, I was worried that I wasn't giving him the best care and that he might be better off at a nursing home. All we can do is what seems right at that time and based on what you said about your father's health, it does seem that he is getting the best care at the facility - he has a lot of health issues to be dealt with and the staff can deal with those issues 24 hours a day, every day.
Please take care of yourself and try to trust that you are doing all you can right now - try not to get too exhausted!!!! You need your strength to continue caring for your parents - we will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers - Barb

Posted on 2008/6/11 8:55

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