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Well, I finally am just now getting back and reading some replies. Thank you!! I stay on the move dealing with all of this. I think the time has come for me to try to relax a bit and listen to GOD instruct me. I think this is all God's plan. You see, my Dad is a good man but has dealt with the "weekend" alcoholic problem. Seems like a lot of people have this problem. The doctors believe that alot of the vascular dementia is actually coming from extreme drinking. My Mom just couldn't take care of him anymore. Maybe just maybe God wanted to stop the madness and this was the way to do it. The only way. My Mom is doing good with her treatments for the ovarian cancer. It is as if she is a free person these days. Of course, the guilt I am dealing with is so extreme but it stems back from having a father that loved me but chose to drink instead of dealing with things. So I have spilled my guts out to the world here but any words of healing are welcome.

Also, my Dad seems to be sharp these days at least when I call or visit him and that is where my doubt and guilt come into play. But, who knows what he deals with when I'm not around. Does anyone out there deal with this?

Posted on 2008/6/7 22:03

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