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My mother passed last November and my Dad has early stage dementia. After 4 months he seemed to forgot she had passed away as well and started asking about her and looking for her. Two days ago a nurse from an Assisted Living Facility with a dementia wing met with us to evaluate him. She asked he was getting counseling from Hospice and he said that he had refused their offers. She told us that he is depressed and that he should accept the offer, that it will help him to have someone to talk to about my mother. I can't tell you how much it helped him to be able to have someone to talk to about it.
The other common thread is we are being told he needs a pacemaker. I have been hesitant to agree because he is deteriorating and my brother and I are not sure it would be humane to artificially prolong his life. I did some research and found a study that showed that 32% of patients over the age of 80 who have pacemakers installed develop dementia! The statistics on this group were very sobering and I will do more research on it.
It is really horrible to have to break the bad news over and over. I share you frustration and pain!

Posted on 2008/5/1 14:31

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