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Foud this website today after another round with my Mother -she is 91 - lives in a retirement home near me -was moved here two year ago after it was decided by her doctor it was risky leaving her so far away from any family -she has been angry ever since -her house just sold and that doesn't help -anyway I am the only daughter aand a nurse like my Mother -I was always doing things to please her so I guess my situation is from a lifetime of conditioning -I have 2 brothers who live a piece away and have no intention of visiting her -they just fight with her as well - I visit her every day -she EXPECTS it - she can't see that her dependence on a wheeled walker,inability to do stairs,hearing loss,etc make her next to impossible to take anywhere - Christmas is bad as I will have my 2 boys with us for the day and I told her we will come and visit her so she decided well she will just book a dinner somewhere in town - she is angry she can't come and I feel guilty thinking about the short time I will have with my kids who live 2 hours away - every holiday brings the same issues -I can see how she has lost many things and I do as much as I can- she keeps me running with shopping,etc - reminds me all the time of things wrong at her retirement home -she refuses to eat in the dining room so gets her meals in her room therefore isolating herself more - I see other people also have issues - just seems when you are 60 years old this should be behind me!!! Thanks for listening -

Posted on 2006/12/16 15:16

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