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Bad Daughter Guilt:

Enclosed is a copy of the will that your law firm drew up for your client ____________.

Please advise your client immediately that I decline to serve as Trustee for this estate.  Due to my stepmother's difficult personality and the combative nature between my stepmother and her own family members as well as our family members, I would suggest that an "outside of the family" Accountant or Trustee be appointed and given Power of Attorney to take care of this matter.  Though I care about my stepmother and am willing to help out, I do not want to be placed in a position where I can be sued if I happen to make an honest mistake.  With the volatile nature of my stepmother and the various family members involved, I can readily see that happening.  I am sorry to disappoint my Dad, but this is what I honestly feel would be in my stepmother's best interests as well as my personal family's best interests.  In addition, I must state that I do not feel that my stepmother should be left alone in the house should my father die, and that Social Workers and/or other professionals should evaluate her competency from time-to-time to determine her living status.  Some days, she is okay, but other days, she has no concept of time, etc.  My father is a Diabetic with heart problems, prostate cancer, and bladder cancer.  He is not well at this point; therefore, this matter needs to be taken care of immediately.


Bad Daughter



Posted on 2006/12/6 22:20

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