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My sincere condolences and prayers regarding the loss of your Dad,AND the apparent loss of your Mom as well.They must both have been wonderful people to have such a loving and giving daughter as yourself.God bless you.My mother was diagnosed with alzheimers 6 months before my Father died.while i had noticed her becoming forgetful and perhaps slowing down a bit for about a year or so, i never saw the alzheimers disease coming.In hindsight, i realized that Mom was struggling for a long time prior to diagnosis, and also that living with my Dad ,covered a multitude of sins for her as well.Additionally, she was NOT being treated properly by her general physician.At any rate, i must tell you that i am not only a registered nurse, i am a psychiatric nurse to boot! I had worked with a number of alzheimers patients in this capacity for almost 25 years, and never dreamt that my own Mother would suffer such a fate,or that i the "medical professional" would miss it. my point to you is that a diagnosis of alheimers disease is not made in an e.r.visit. If in fact your Mom had an abrupt onset of severe confusion and disorientation, then it is most likely that you are looking at something else. First, was she given a new medication, or failed to take an old one ?Has she been eating ?, is she dehydrated ?,diabetic ?,etc. Atrial fib can cause clotting and thus strokes and heart attacks. The elderly,like infants are very sensitive to such conditions and unfortunately, they are often dismissed as just old and senile when they present to an er with such symptoms. YOU are her daughter, YOU know if she was behaving the same yesterday or not.If You believe that this is an abrupt and profound change for her, then don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Many people, including "professionals" automatically and inappropriately use the term alzheimers, just because it's an older person.if you were instead bringing a teenager in, in this condition, they might assume it was due to drug use.Get my point ? your Mom needs to have acomplete neuro-psychiatric workup in order for you both to find the proper treatment you need.i know you've just come through one storm, but please, advocate for your Mom, she needs you now, more than ever. if i can be of any assistance, feel free to write. good luck and God bless.p.s. (July is also new intern month, not always a good time to go to the hospitals !)

Posted on 2006/8/14 23:16

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