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From: Rowlett
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Dear Loret -
Just wanted to say that although you are probably more than busy these days, caring for your Dad and family and all, that I hope that you can take some time for yourself, too! I know that it's incredibly hard sometimes to just take an hour or so for yourself - kind of like recharging your battery - but that it's really important to do just that!!! Remember - you can't give what you don't have, so by doing some relaxing things for yourself, you are actually caring for those you love!
My thoughts, too, are for your father . . . there is much information in the Alzheimer's Assoc. website, that you may find helpful. Even though your father may not have AD, the information available in their website is appropriate for persons with various types of dementia. Please let us know when you can, how things are coming along and if we can help with anything else in the days and months ahead . . .
Please take care, Loret!
Barb Davis

Posted on 2005/11/9 19:59


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