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Dear Amy:

Thanks so much for visiting ElderHope. What you wrote is NOT nonsense. Your questions and concerns are important, legitimate, and for us, very moving. You love him...

While the pride of your father and mother is understandable, it's important that you do as YOU are trying to do: Get as much information as you can. While Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is fatal, it is not necessarily untreatable. There are medications that may help such as Aricept and Exelon. If these are medically appropriate to your dad's situation, they should be started as soon after diagnosis as possible. Also, the Alzheimer's dummyociation is an incredible resource. There should be one in your area. If you go to our Alzheimers LINKS page there should be much information that can help. One of the things that we would recommend you do as soon as you can is to go to this link and request the Caregiver's Survival Kit, a free resource with good information and help. Here's the link:

It's understandable that your folks would not want to discuss this. Many people don't. At least for a while. With your help and patience, hopefully they will get the help they need. Please visit us often. If you ask the questions, we or our visitors will try and find the answers with you.

P.S. To find your local chapter of the Alzheimers dummyociation, here's their link:

We're thinking of you!

Mike and Barb

Posted on 2001/5/30 20:25

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