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Recently they diagnosed my dad with the onset of alzheimers.. I was in shock.. As with most people it was hard for me to believe that the man that made me who I am today will slowly slip away from me into his own little world and eventually forget who "daddy's little girl" is.... This scares me....My mom and I are finding this very hard to swallow.. My mom has asked me to keep quite about the whole thing to anyone that even knows my father, it's the pride thng for my dad I guess but keeping this inside really hurts... Not understanding the diagnosis and the outcome of course is fatal I understan but I still don't understand why this happens and why this cannot be treated????? Are there places like the american cancer society & for breast cancer to make people aware of what they are looking for and what ways there are to help find a cure???? any information that you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated.....
Thank you for listening to what my mom calls nonsence, I am just so scared to loose my DADDY!!!!! Thank-you again, Amy

Posted on 2001/5/30 18:28

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