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ElderHope is going in the direction it should, perhaps, have gone some time ago. We getting a little harder nosed. We started out trying to make enough money to keep the site going through soliciting small contributions and asking people to buy our FAQs, etc. But, as of this writing, no one other than one person has ever given a contribution to ElderHope through our website. And, we have been in existence in one form or another on the internet since 1997.

In the days and months ahead, donators will begin to see added resources available to them that will not be made aailable to regular visitors or even those who are members. ElderHope must pay its way. We have tightened our fiscal ship in recent days and have improved our accounting. We have added more features and have put more time into articles. We have tried mightily to speed up the page loading. As a result, it is only fair for the old Biblical verse to apply: "The laborer is worthy of his hire."

We would ask you to invest in yourself and others and become a participant of this site. You can do this by financial donations, by contributing to the forums, or by writing a good article about some topic that this site addresses (just make sure your article isn't selling a service or trying to cash in off our visitors).

Well, just thought you might want to know the direction we're going in and why we have made some changes in recent days.

Posted on 2005/4/14 3:00

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