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Hi, Jona_ASE:

Glad you you joined up.

Also, glad tou submitted the post because while I was searching for an answer, I noticed that there was a bug in our software if you did a search in the sections area. So, got that fixed and not only will ElderHope be better for it, potentially a couple of thousand other sites will be as well.

Anyway, as to your question, here's some pages on the site that may help:

Looking for a Long Term Care Facility
Long Term Care Options
Long Term Care Facilities and Advance Directives

All of them were taken from our monthly broadcasts with KEOM 88.5 FM in Mesquite, TX.

Let me sum up though:

1) Use our tool on the menu to the left to find a facility (the menu has a link near the bottom under Nifty Tools that says Nursing Homes. This will take you to the Medicare web site where you can do a search in your area for Nursing Homes. From that same site, you will also be able to find the Medicare team inspection results for recent surveys. Try to find, maybe ten homes that might be candidates, based upon those scores.

2) Go to those nursing homes and walk around. Observe everything that you can that touches your senses - sights, smells, foods, sounds, and things that affect the tactile sense - how staff touches patients - if they do. Go in the evenings and on the weekends, as well. That way you will see the home when it is least staffed. You may or may not be able to talk to any of the residents - if you can, do so. Do not be lured in by appearances - some homes are very nice in terms of condition, but are abyssmal in terms of care - what I like to call the silk purse, sow's ear syndrome.

3) From all that information, narrow your list more. You should then gather information about cost and placement. Additionally, make sure to ask what the position of the facility is if you want to discontinue a feeding tube from a loved one - should that need arise (some facilities force you to move, if you decide to make that choice). Also, find out what hospice providers are used in the facility. Consider realistically whether the facility is convenient and workable for your needs.

If your loved one is reasonably capable of participating in this process, they should be.

Be aware of how the staff are caring for patients - are they just sitting behind a desk, or are they involved with the patients.

Another online resource to find a nursing home or other facility is to use New Lifestyles Online. Just remember that everything in there is an advertisement and is not to be trusted (sorry to be so blunt). It can be, though, a helpful guide as to what is available. Additionally, don't trust the recordings you hear when you call the facility. Indeed, trust only what you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. If the staff, when you go to visit, ignore you, aren't friendly, move on. You'll NEVER find your home. You CAN find a home where poeple will give decent and respectful care.

MOst importantly, trust yourself and your senses.

Let us know how your search goes. We'll be happy to provide more thoughts, if you like...

Posted on 2005/3/23 5:33

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