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Hi, Tazly!

I was just doing some research on your book recommendation. I believe I saw one of the authors on one of the morning news programs about a month and a half ago. It was an interesting interview.

I still have to read the book, but I have read several reviews. Sight unseeen, my impressions, both from the interview and from some of the reviews I read, is that this book has some very helpful information that can probably indeed help head off Alzheimer's Disease at the pass, at least in terms of minimizing one's chances of getting AD.

At this time, there is not any way to reverse AD. The best that can be hoped for is to slow the progress, and possibly attenuate the symptoms. This is where the book really finds wings - providing helpful ways to make a meaningful difference in diminishing the earliness and the impact of the AD. And, from what I've read, the authors suggestions really do work.

Moreover, the authors include great tools to aid in screening for memory issues, caregiver information, disease information, and many other useful resources.

I do feel like the title of the book overstates the possibility of interfering with the onset of AD. Indeed, the review by Publishers Weekly, as posted by Amazon, states "The authors go on to offer an in-depth approach for patients to work with their doctor to make reversing memory loss 'a reality.'" One can probably help forestall or minimize the pace, severity, or onset of AD.

But, I suspect that there is really no way to ultimately prevent AD. From the research I am aware of, and the researchers that I know, AD is not reversible. And, I think that it is best that folks understand that at the outset. It bolsters the case of the good doctors that early diagnosis is essential.

This is an important book, and we are adding it to our book list. Thanks again! MiketheChap

Posted on 2004/7/18 5:03

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