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From: Rowlett
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Dear Cory -
I am so glad that your mother is doing so well on the Haldol! You know, it's one of those drugs that can really fill the bill when used appropriately . . . and it seems like that's exactly how it's been prescribed!!! Just knowing that she is now more comfortable and able to smile again must feel awesome! Maybe now that she is more calm, and when she is having a better day, you can pull out some of her old photos of homes where she/you lived and talk about the "old days." Some elders with AD simply enjoy sorting through the photos in an album, rearranging them, etc.
And yes, I LOVE playing tennis - or should I say, playing AT tennis:) We don't get too many opportunities to play tennis these days, now that we have "adopted" 2 Golden Retriever puppies!!! Actually, I probably get more exercise just training/walking/playing with them than tennis! Anyway I think that tennis is probably a great way for you to work off some of the stress of the day - and enjoy yourself in the process!! ENJOY and hope your mom continues as she has -
Best wishes - Barb

Posted on 2004/2/11 14:15

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