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We're so glad to hear of the changes that are occurring for you in these days. Grief is a very scary thing - such powerful emotions and troubling feelings, especially when it was for one that was so deeply cared for. I remember when I was going through a very powerful period of loss. I couldn't rememeber a thing. I'd show up for meetings late, if at all. I'd forget important dates, I felt very much like I was going crazy (some might say that I was - and still am - ) It took a long time for me to feel at home in the world again. Of course, a dear group of friends and my soulmate, ElderHope's co-founder, also made it possible). Anyway, while I don't know the pain you were going through, in my smaller experience, I do remember that I also felt like I was losing perspective - and it's a terrible thing. So, I'm very happy that things are going better for you, and I trust they will continue to do so!

One final note ... She must have been a very special person!

Posted on 2004/2/11 1:39

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