Caring for my dad since my mom passed.

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normal Caring for my dad since my mom passed.

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I just recently moved in with my dad, my mom passed away 3 years ago to a very very short battle of esphoygus cancer. I was in shock, it devastated all of us, she went in for a routine physical that she does yearly and finds esphoygus cancer stage III , 2 tumors, no hope, she died in 4 months. I have finally after 3 years feel like l/2 myself again, it was a long way home for me and my dad, they were married for 53 years. He has been having some trouble with falling which they have a dx of vasulitis which is like nerve damage but he uses his walker and still goes to church and pr work at his business he sold a couple of years ago. I am just looking for a few nice pen pals who would like to share their grief or happiness. Thank you for listening.
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Posted on 2004/2/5 22:52

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