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From: Rowlett
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I, too, am so sorry about your father's death . . . although these few words can't express enough my sadness for your loss, I hope that you know that we (Mike and I) will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. I also hope that you have lots of support and love from other family members and friends. Their care can't take your pain or loss away, but it can help you get through these days. It can really help when you can talk with someone you love and/or trust - sometimes it may help not talking or thinking too much . . . But try to remember that, with the memories you have of your dad and with the help of others who love you, those "better" days or better moments will be coming. - it just seems sometimes like it takes a long time until those feelings of sadness get better. In the meantime, please take good care and Mike and I will keep checking this message board if you write again.
You will be in our prayers -
Barb Davis

Posted on 2003/9/22 12:31

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