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normal terminal stage alzheimers palliative care

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I would be grateful for any advice. My mother has had early onset alzheimers for 15years. She is in her early 60's and has been in care for 7 years.
She is now profoundly deaf, blind, incontinent. Unable to communicate in any way and cannot stand or move unaided.
She screams just about non stop at 30 second intervals for approximately 15 hours per day. This has been happening for the last 5 weeks - (this seriously that is).
She appears to be really tormented rather than in pain. It is incredible distressing for the family and for the other patients and nursing staff.
We have been told by the hospital that this is the most severe case they have seen.
We wish to have palliative morphine treatment started to try to abate the screaming and give her some peace. Does anyone have any knowledge or suggestions for alzheimers in such an advanced state.
Your suggestions would be appreciated we are unable to cope with this anymore and find seeing our mother like this incredibly distressing.

Posted on 2003/6/7 4:19

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