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i am a nurse in the state of wv corrections system. this is the first time i have ever been in a chat room. i'm here because i am concerned about the rights of inmates regarding advance directives. i am told in each prison their rights are different. the warden of a particular prison has the ultimate say. i know of several inmates that have terminal illnesses, stage IV ca, who will have to receive full codes. some nurses tell me that the reason for this is to prevent riots. no inmate wants to die in prison. a doctor told me he thought this came from substandard health care in the past which has caused mistrust among the prison population. i know of a specific incident where an lpn had to code an inmate with stage IV ca. the man was already stiff and she had to break his arms to perform cpr. it was a nightmare. she told me "i know he would not have wanted me to do that. it was inhumane."
where can i go to get facts on this issue? please help these inmates die with dignity.

Posted on 2001/4/24 5:18

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