father passed away few weeks ago

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normal father passed away few weeks ago

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My dad passed away a few weeks ago. I have so many emotions -from anger to sadness. It was a difficult journey since September. He had congestive heart failure. We have been on such a roller coaster ride. In Feb, 2003, my dad had scar tissue from a previous surgery wrap around his intestines. It blocked his intestines and he needed to have emergency surgery. He made it through the surgery - was in the recovery room joking with the nurses and his heart stopped. We were told he was not responsive and probably would not make it through the night. He did - miracles - to end up in ICU a week later and be on life support for 1-1/2 weeks til his heart stopped. I was a Daddy's girl and I am really hurting. I have issues with my family - basically I dont care if I see them or hear from them in the near future. My husband is a great support. Just doing menial tasks takes up so much of my energy. Is this normal? Trying to go on in PA

Posted on 2003/3/27 17:53

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