My dad didn't tell anyone he was dying.....(M)

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normal My dad didn't tell anyone he was dying.....(M)

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My dad knew for 2 years without telling my mom or myself. We are not sure how to reconcile that information. When we found out for sure...after I made the dr finally tell me, we had about 5 weeks. Those 5 weeks went downhill very very fast. He had in home hospice care and the hospice group just wasn't very good. Overall my mom got 2.5 hours a week from Hospice. I am an only child with 3 kids of my own and I live about 40 miles away so even though I went daily I was only able to stay for a few hours a day to help my mom.

We are at our wit's end knowing my dad kept this info to himself. I am not hurt by his actions but I hurt FOR him knowing the hell he must have endured to keep this a secret.

Has anyone ever heard of other people doing the same?? I have tried to search the web but haven't been able to find anything. If you have a story to share about a similar experience I'd love to read it.


Jennifer in iL

Posted on 2002/11/15 11:21

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