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From: Rowlett
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Dear " A Daughter":
What a wonderful reminder for us all - to not lose the present moment by overly worrying about the past (or future!)! By getting as much information as you can from a good physician who has experience in caring for the elderly, especially those with dementia, and by seeking realistic expectations, I think that you are doing all anyone could hope to do for their loved ones. This way, you are preparing for the future while experiencing and sharing the present with your mother. I think that we all do a little second-guessing when it relates to how well we cared for a loved one in the past. It's important to remember, however, that we probably did what we thought was best at that time, given those circumstances.
I do hope that your mother is coming along a little better.
Thanks for your message and we wish you all the comfort and support that you need during this time . . . blessings to you all - Barb and Mike

Posted on 2002/10/29 21:57

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