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From: Rowlett
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Dear ElderHope Reader,
I, like Mike, am so sorry for your loss and for your mother's current health status. This must be a very difficult time for you right now.
With the sudden change in your mother's level of functioning, I agree that you all need and deserve a doctor who will talk with you and your family about the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease - and of course, the heart problems. It's true that Alzheimer's Disease does not usually progress that quickly - perhaps ask the doctor to explain about the signs and symptoms of AD and how this sudden onset relates to what is generally known about AD.

It may be that perhaps your mother was showing some signs of early AD and then she experienced some sudden change in her health status, as well as coping with your father's death . . . this might relate to the sudden change in her functioning and thinking ability. If your mother is experiencing a temporary "delirium" relating to the change in her health or medications, or all of the above, then some of her symptoms may diminish . . . However, only a qualified physician could diagnose her present status and then decide which medications could help, if appropriate. If you feel that her diagnosing physician is qualified and your mother does, indeed, have Alzheimer's Disease, contact the Alzheimer's Association in your area, especially if you are considering a facility for your mother.

And, please let us know how your mother and you all are coming along. We will sure try to offer any information that might help - and we will keep checking our board to hear from you again . . . Please take care!!!

Posted on 2002/10/24 16:45

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