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Dear Barb,
Thanks again for your help and ideas. We have contacted the Alzheimers Foundation and received their information packet. It had been a lot of help.
Unfortunately, Dad will not consider any other living arrangements, he has a dog and he insists that he must stay at home with her. He won't let us have anyone come in to help him, so I have been doing most of the household chores, and my sister helps out when she is able to do so. My house is not air conditioned, and has several sets of stairs, so it really is not practical for him to move here anyway. He really wants to stay home, and we are hoping to at least get him to consider meals on wheels for the winter, when I may not alway be able to get into town ( I live in a rural area) We still have to find a way for him to take his medicines, but we hope to figure out something. I think I will buy him a memory phone, and I am looking into med-alert too. His doctor tells us he may have to call adult protective services if Dad does not cooperate, but he has really kind of side-stepped all of this when he talked to Dad.
Dad retired 22 years ago, and his only hobbies have been going shopping with Mom or reading books. I have been trying to find some good books that are mostly pictorials with captions. Maybe he will enjoy these.
Thanks again, I appreciate your help very much.

Posted on 2002/7/24 0:58

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