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Dear Barb,
Thanks for your thoughtful and quick reply to my post.
My father went to his doctor last week because he fell during the night and hit his head. His doctor had spoken with us prieviously and said that he felt Dad was starting to get to middle-stages, but still had the capacity to make legal decisions. Unfortunately, he only mentions things like 'memory loss' or 'impairment' to my dad. We are wondering if he has ever explained the degenerative nature of the disease to my dad like he did us. Dad lives at home, alone. I live about 12 minutes away, and I have been spending most of the day with him since my mom went into the hospital ( over a month ago). My circumstances allow this for now, but my sister works and has small children, so she can only help out when she is free. Dad will not consider a move to a health facility, nor allow someone to stay with him at night. This worries his doctor and our family. He has been told not to drive, and has been accepting of this so far.
I would like to find things for him to keep active and involved in, he has mentioned feeling worthless. He says he wants to be with my mom. This has caused me much anxiety. Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated.

Posted on 2002/7/23 0:53

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