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From: Rowlett
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Hi Sandra -
Along with Mike, I am sorry to hear about these changes that you are experiencing with your mother. Because the symptoms that you mentioned regarding your mother are so different from her normal behavior, I have a couple of questions . . .
First, when was the last time your mother visited her physician for a thorough physical examination? Perhaps her primary care physician can make a referral to a neurologist, ideally one who specializes in working with older individuals.
Secondly, does your mother live near a medical university? For example, at UT Southwestern Medical Center here in Dallas, through the Memory Clinic, patients who are experiencing memory problems as well as neurological symptoms, such as hand tremors and limping, and sudden mood changes as you described, can receive a thorough evaluation to try to diagnose the problem. As Mike mentioned, the sooner that your mother can get an evaluation about her symptoms, the sooner that she can start receiving treatment as appropriate.
If your mother is diagnosed with a form of dementia, there are medications as well as behavioral interventions that can help to not only address her symptoms but improved her quality of daily living - as well as your communications with her. I can't overstate how important a thorough evaluation is, Sandra. A physical exam, neurological exam, blood tests, perhaps an MRI or CT scan to the head, and neuropsychiatric tests can all help determine the cause of your mother's symptoms and prescribe treatments to address those symptoms.
If we can help with further information, please let us know. . . I do hope that your mother can find the answers she needs regarding her condition. It sure sounds as though you are on the right track, trying to intervene on your mother's behalf and get her some help. It's so hard sometimes, just knowing where to start and who to contact. Again, if we can get you more info - please let us know, Sandra. Take good care . . . .

Posted on 2002/6/29 5:10

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