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Hello. I write to ask if you think my mother is having pre-dementia symptoms. She is scaring me. And making me angry also. She is 69 has episodes where she become FURIOUS at me...especially when she cannot control little things I do. She becomes this livid hateful woman that is NOT my dear mother. I am saddened and scared. Today was another ruined day because of the situation. When she is in a 'mood' she does not groom her hair (very NOT like her), and she limps, or drags her feet (she does not drink), and finally she gets this angry glassy eyed look on her face but stares down at the ground. Sometimes her hands start trembling uncontrollably. She always tries to buy me stuff I don't need or want, and if I refuse the plastic bags full of junk it sets her off. I don't need more junk, and love doesn't come in plastic bags, but she gets very offended if I refuse the garage sale junk. This is not like the woman that raised me: I fear she is getting mentally ill. After the episode leaves she is fine again. She has type II diabetes and high blood pressure. I have anger, frustration, and a broken heart because I don't know how to deal with her or help her. Open to reading suggestions or any advice. We lived in Texas many years (Houston area) and I thank ya'll for any help.

Posted on 2002/6/29 3:30

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