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From: Rowlett
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Dear Blaze,
I agree so much with what Arlene shared in her message. Taking care of yourself during this time and being aware of your needs and feelings is so very important. You also mentioned that your mother is home from the hospital - is she living in your home? Are there other people helping to care for her? Although I am not a doctor, I do know that these types of infections can increase confusion and disorientation. Is she still taking medication? Is she also dealing with dementia?
Having asked those questions, I can also say that most caregivers deal with some type of guilt and/or related feelings, especially when caring for an elderly parent. Furthermore, when siblings are involved, it can be difficult when deciding on the best way to care for their parent, handling the finances, etc. Another stressful situation perhaps!
So, please take care during this time - you mentioned coping with depression . . . how are you dealing with your depression - the additional stress that you are feeling now can really affect one's coping through depression. Please let us know how you are coming along . . . as Arlene said, you need all the support you can get during this time! Blessings to you and your family - Barb

Posted on 2002/5/9 16:56

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