Am I a bad daughter?

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normal Am I a bad daughter?

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:nw: Mom was put into the Hospital with a kidney infection - and came out not knowing day from night, who her children were,etc;etc...You can talk with her BUT 2min later-she doesn't remember what you said.To top it over she's hard of hearing so if she didn't hear you, she just kind of makes it up as she goes..My sister seems fine with all this.She talks with her like mom's "all there". Meantime I have a difficult time just sitting in the same room, afraid she'll start a converstion with me! Am I such a bad daughter that now that Mom's sick I can't be there for her?! The guilt is all but killing me.We all 3 live together and I spend most of my time at home in my bedroom. I'm not a young kid,I'm almost 50. I have suffered from depression for along time, but it's getting worst.. Somebody Please help, is this a normal way to react or is it me!!! And what do I do about it???[/b]

Posted on 2002/5/9 13:38

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