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As I noted on your post in the prayers forum, I'm sure you adjusted your posts so that they would have no accurate names or personally identifiable information, but for safety's sake I edited the post so that I know that there is no personally identifiable info

As we do throughout ElderHope's work, we do not allow or use personally identifiable info without permission from the involved parties.

I read your post but am pretty exhausted so I'm going to try to make sure I wrap up the points of your post and see if I understand correctly:

1) You have a very special relationship with your Grandmother that your mother and other family members do not enjoy.

2) You feel that there is a possibilty that there is both physical and financial abuse ( you note the site [url][/url].

3) You do not know what to do to make sure your Grandmother gets the care she needs.

4) The resources that you have used so far have not been very helpful, including religious leaders.

For my part, I'm having some trouble following the sequence of events and the key issues that are troubling you. Part of this is that caregivers are so weighed down with the emotions of so many parts of the whole story, that they are not able to break the story down into it's main components.

For instance, you state:


What is it that you need? What do you want? Can you give one or two things that you need to move ahead?

This is often very difficult to do, being caught up in all the feelings. But, it's absolutely essential in order to get the help you need and to get the attention of the appropriate agencies.

Having said that, it seems clear that consultation with an an attorney specializing in elder law matters would be appropriate. You can try here: [url][/url] for starters. It certainly sounds like she needs an advocate. I hope that this helps. Stop back by if you have more thoughts/questions.

Posted on 2002/4/13 2:29

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