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Posted by: jkc751 Posted on: 2001/10/15 15:17

Speaking from the "20's and married" viewpoint, I'm concerned about the fact that you've only been married for a year and that you're taking this kind of struggle on. I applaud your courage and efforts, but I do want to emphasize the need to take care of your new marriage, too. I know it's terribly difficult to take care of your grandfather, and the resentment can build exponentially. I just hope and pray that you and your new husband are taking some time out to care for each other. Being newlyweds is tough enough in the first place, but dealing with this kind of responsibility this early in your new life together can be too much to deal with at times. If you can get a "round table" together and can get at least one family member to take care of your grandfather even one night a week so you and your husband can go out and concentrate on each other, I believe that could be tremendously helpful. I've been married for more than 6 years, and while we are doing great now, I have to say that the first 2 years of our marriage were very strenuous, even without the kind of pressure you two are dealing with. Please don't forget (and it's very easy to forget) to work out some time for yourselves... individually and together. Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you.