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Posted by: 4Hope Posted on: 2001/8/22 7:38
Contrary to being negative, it sounds as though you really care about people and want them to be able to receive the best that hospice has to offer. And, when you see services being delivered (or not) that fall short of good healthcare provision, you react like anyone would who genuinely cares.
You know, I think that you continue to address a good point: How does a healthcare service balance business with providing needed health-related interventions? Again, I think that this is a tough balancing act and that one or the other wins out at various times. But the patient needs to be the top priority, or else that patient shouldn't be on that service!
In reality, Medicare reimbursement helped hospices to grow throughout the U.S. That's a good thing. On the reverse side of the coin, reimbursement and government regulations/cutbacks, etc., affected the quality of hospice care. That's when I think that the best that a hospice can offer is through an agency that employs genuinely caring staff and upper management, that remembers the values and ethics which formed its mission statement, and works to deliver the best care they can to patients and their families.
Keep up the good work - we need more people like you in healthcare that want to improve a system when you see the needs . . . Bless you! :smile: