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Posted by: Guests Posted on: 2001/8/15 19:59
I guess that I hope there are still those hospices that care. I know that there are still those individuals. It's just frustrating. I know what the vision for hospice was - but it seems that someone saw the opportunity to make a buck while doing something altruistic. I think that their business mind started to kick in and it all went down the tubes. What about the Good Samaritan (or Samaritan's?)? Those who take care of the person before the pocketbook? I'm starting to believe that unless health care is primarily altruistic, it's going to end up a massive failure. Ultimately, unless we take care of each other, just because we care, caring medicine is finished. I'm sure there are still those bright spots - the people who go out of their way. But overall, I'm very pessimistic. Hmmm... we wanted reimbursement for hospice, now we've got it. Has it really helped? Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry so negative....