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Posted by: arlene Posted on: 2001/6/17 14:09

Thanks- it is nice to feel understood and heard. When someone will "witness" for us, it is so affirming to where and who we are in that moment. I know there are a lot of lessons to be learned by caregiving experiences. It is a professional role that has enriched my life. I have done a good job as the support giver, and I feel very comfortable in other people's pain. There is a part of me that can't settle long enough to handle my own. I know I am learning to do that, but I am very impatient with myself. I am a Clinical Psych Nurse Specialist and was a consultant for 31 years to the medical surg units at a large hospital in Buffalo NY. I have witnessed a lot of suffering and never lost my compassion for others. I am so glad I found that same compassion for my mother.

Thanks Barb for writing.