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Posted by: 4Hope Posted on: 2001/5/14 10:20
In reply to your thoughts about the direction that it seems some hospices are headed (or engaged) . . . I sure do understand the frustration that you're experiencing about hospice - or healthcare in general - and money.
You know, there has to be some kind of balance between running a business, i.e., paying bills/salaries and making a profit, and keeping the basic mission or philosophy of that healthcare organization functioning and expanding. Now, I'll be the first to admit that this is a tough balancing act to work - however, any business that has as its primary mission to provide care for the physical/emotional/psychological/spiritual/social aspects of individuals yet puts a priority on profit to the detriment of the patient or client, has ethically compromised its mission. Unfortunately, there are some hospice organizations, similar to other healthcare organizations/practices/companies, that seem to have compromised their basic philosophy of caring for patients - as we've seen in the news and experienced first hand, with the health insurance industry, etc. Because hospices can get reimbursed through government programs - Medicare - the red tape, paperwork, details - it can be even harder for a hospice to remember why they are there in the first place - to care for the terminally ill and their families.
Having said that, there are hospices and healthcare organizations that seem to struggle through all of this mess, maintain their business responsiblities, take care of their staff, and keep focused on their priority of offering good patient care. We definitely need to spread the word on these organizations!
I personally believe that the hospice philosophy and the work that they do is enormously important to those facing end-of-life concerns. Actually, I believe that there should be even more good hospice work being done in hospitals, nursing homes and patient's homes -
Okay, I could go on for a while here about the direction that I see the healthcare industry headed - but I'm really interested in hearing more from you, from what you experience from your perspective, and any other thoughts from readers about personal experiences - good and bad - about healthcare/hospices in general! Got any thoughts on the subject?