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Holidays, etc.
Posted by: 4Hope Posted on: 2002/12/9 12:16
Hi Dan
Gift buying for someone who has dementia can be really hard. I think it mostly depends on the person's level of cognitive impairment. For folks with mild to moderate impairment, especially for those in a facility, photo albums, larger pictures (5X7 or larger) in nice frames, foods they enjoy but don't get very often at the facility, a soft, snuggly bear or similar stuffed animal, a soft and attractive shawl, books on tape, tapes of music they enjoy, etc. Here's a link to the Alzheimer's Association that gives more thoughts about gifts and the holidays:
Again, try to match the gift to the person's level of impairment and personality - if they loved singing spirituals when they were younger, they will probably enjoy listening to them now! I'd love to hear what you decided to give your mother . . . hope these thoughts helped
Take care . . . Barb